Life is humiliation cover
Life is humiliation
Cover art by Matt Boyce
20 pages
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the greatest comic ever written, TAKE THAT ALAN MOORE!!!!!!!
Carlos Fraile - MillarWord

Life is humiliation is the impressive underground debut from the Midlands-based artist/writer Matt Boyce, who took the Brighton Comic Expo by storm at the official launch of his book. Published in association with Mam Tor, Life is humiliation is a unique 20 page comic book featuring The man with a hole in his head, Dave the nosferatu escargot, and more weird characters from the mind of one of the freshest talents to emerge in recent years! This is a cult comic in the making!

Life is humiliation
Intended audience: All
Genre: Comic
Format: 5'x5' COMIC BOOK
20 pages
B/W Interior art
Shipping date: November 22nd, 2005

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