At Mam Tor, we couldn't do what we do without the people who are involved: the writers, artists, designers - who make make our books what they are: unique! So below you'll find links to those who have their own online spot: our own (quite extensive) family.



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Mam Tor Crew!

Liam Sharp.
Steve Niles
Ashley Wood
Chris Weston
Dan Wickline
Kody Chamberlain
Tom Muller
Shane McCarthy
Emma Simcock-Tooth
Kev Crossley
Gary Erskine
Glenn Fabry
Simon Bisley
Emily Hare
Dave Kendall
Matt Dixon
Greg Staples
John Bamber
Matt Boyce
Alan Grant
Jan Brem
Douglas Rushkoff
Zombie Elvis and The Vikings
Matt Coyle
Richard 'James Johnson'
Erth Chronicles — Official Site

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