Event Horizon

The People Need To Be Told.
Warren Ellis

Can we go on and on telling you how great Event Horizon is? Of course, but then again - we would say that wouldn't we. So instead, we'll pass the mic over to the experts and listen to what they have to say about Event Horizon.

Now THIS is what I call ART!
Benjamin Ong Pang Kean, Newsarama

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SFX Magazine, August 2005

There's a wonderful whiff of comic socialism in the air. A bunch of writers and artists have come together and decided not to wait for the big companies to invite them to play and instead they've published for themselves. " "Commendable? Definitely, but if the book sucks the well-intentioned nods will all be a little hollow. Fortunately Mam Tor: Event Horizon is a quality spot of pulp fiction in comic form, regardless of its background.
4/5 Stars

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