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St. Cyborg's
By Nick Wray
168 pages
Retail price: 5.99 GBP
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Welcome to St Cyborg's, the only educational institution where you'll be in trouble if you don't have your mobile switched on in class, where you can study Junk Food Technology, and where the field trips take you on an alternative time-line to an altered history...

Mam Tor™ Publishing is proud to announce St. Cyborg's by Nick Wray. The first Sci-Fi novel to come out of the Mam Tor gates, St. Cyborg's is a collection of 13 mindbending SF shorts of alien teachers, pregnant SuperHeroines, a caretaker who runs an after-school chain-gang for miscreants, the scariest petshop in the world and much more...

Download the first story 'Xarq' completely free! (Acrobat Reader required)

Release date: December 2007
Category: Science Fiction
Novel, 168 Pages, colour cover
Retail price: 5.99 GBP
ISBN 13: 978-0-9549998-5-8
Mature Themes
St. Cyborg's is © Copyright 2007 Nick Wray. All rights reserved.

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