Sharpenings cover
Sharpenings: The Art Of Liam Sharp
Cover art by Liam Sharp
48 pages
Retail price: $15
Dude, your work is AWESOME!
Jim Lee

Rare and personal works by Liam Sharp.
Liam Sharp has drawn comics for all the major companies for well over a decade. His breakthrough title in the US was the monstrous Death's Head II (Marvel Comics UK), which sold a half a million copies making it Britain's biggest ever comic export. Continue...

If I were you I'd prepare to be impressed because Liam's talents aren't just prolific, they're prodigious too.
From the introduction by Glenn Fabry
Politicised graffiti? Far too "early 21st Century". Fantasy art is what the eternal adolescent has on his walls in Autumn '04. Traditionalists may prefer the likes of Frank Frazetta, but modernists should opt for Liam Sharp. Witness Sharp's intelligent, esoteric style - as featured everywhere from 2000ad to Superman - in his new book Sharpenings.
Arena Magazine
Liam Sharp is an absolute no-messing master of pen and ink.
China Miéville

He subsequently worked on many of the industry's premier titles, including The Hulk and X-Men (Marvel Comics), Superman (DC Comics), Spawn: the Dark Ages (Image Comics), and Frazetta's The Death Dealer (Verotik), besides working on some major feature films, such as Lost in Space and Small Soldiers.
Liam lives in Derby, in the heart of the UK midlands, with his Wife Christina, three kids, Matylda, Lorcan and Jeff, and cat, Molly.

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